Hi! I'm Eleanor, or 'scoliosisgirl' - hehe! This is my blog where I hope to help others and myself on the journey with scoliosis, which lasts a lifetime, whichever path you choose. Feel free to leave something in my ask, whether its a question or just to say hi! I don't bite! :-)
So I’m due to start college 6-7 weeks after my op, and I’ll have to endure a 1 hour busy journey every morning and evening. Will this be bad for my back? Are buses like forbidden or? Idk…I sound weird. But yeah, help please? <3

I know I’m never on nowadays and I’m like the worlds worst blog owner ever! Sorry! I’ll try to come on more! xx

How long after the op can you go on a plane for 2-4 hours??

My family and I wanna go on holiday next year so was just wondering if anyone knew.


Upper back pain today ayayayayay thanks scoliosis

Guess who’s having their operation in July?



Say hello to my spine. I had a very good feeling I had scoliosis. #scoliosis


Say hello to my spine. I had a very good feeling I had scoliosis. #scoliosis


I hate when my doctor says,
“You’ll have this for the rest of your life”

It’s so heartbreaking to me.  

Anonymous asked:
Why did they rebuild your school? Was there a fire or something? Are u from London?

Nah, not as exciting! It was 80 years old and needed rebuilding or s/t
& nope, Blackpool. xxx 

Anonymous asked:
How many degrees is your curve?

52-58 - can’t actually remember exactly what it was, aha xxx

Anonymous asked:
Hi, i just read your whole entire blog in 30mins. I'm 14 and live in Australia, was diagnosed with scoliosis about 5 months ago. Getting my brace in less then 2 weeks now! Actualy not scared by it at all. So sorry to hear you have back pain, I'm sure it's not the same, but I know how you feel. :)

Hey! Aw, thank-you for taking the time to read my blog! What degree is your curve? And it’s good that you’re not scared - good luck!

And aw thanks! Let me know how you get on with your brace babe and stay strong xxxx